So finally its been months, since political drama in India got over. Social Media just like any other media has moved beyond election news. However, the end of elections does not mean its over for political fanatics to give their ‘expert’ views on social media.You still find them, if not in numbers, yet scattered all over the place, especially on twitter. Here is the list of political supporters you find on social media in India.


They will justify each and every move of their favourite political party. Even if they have zero knowledge of the topic, they won’t mind joining the conversation online. Even if against the public interest at large, they will not shy away from defending their choice.

5 Types of Political Supporters on Social Media

The Opposition

Does not matter if they understand the root of certain policies or not, they always will be criticising the government. Criticism makes them feel more intellectual, so they will always pull up their socks when new policies or developments takes place. However, if the same actions are taken by their choice of political party they might actually support it.

5 Types of Political Supporters on Social Media

We don’t give a Damn

Okay, they might not be political supporters, but their contribution to politics is their lack of interest and desire to be part of the political debate on social media. They find themselves too cool to be part of political discussions and are the ones who raise scepticism of nothing being changed in India, irrespective of any party leading the government.

5 Types of Political Supporters on Social Media

Seasonal Supporters

They love to jump in to the political bandwagon only when its trending. They will don their political hats only during the time of elections and will show how much they care of the country. Else, for the rest of the political developments in the country they will stay muted on social media.

5 Types of Political Supporters on Social Media


Its not as if they do not care about the country and politics, its just that they play it safe to avoid debates. Its not a rare sight to see them appreciating a party xyz and a few days later criticize them. They love to be on a neutral side just to avoid wrath from any political party hardcore loyalist.

5 Types of Political Supporters on Social Media

Please let us know, if you can identify any more such types of political supporters.