6 Marathi movies that made me fall in love with love!

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6 Marathi movies that made me fall in love with love!

Marathi movies might not be extravagant in terms of love scenes where the main leads dance around in the middle of a flower field but their love surely is!

Indian cinema has always been a poster child when it comes to romance. I don't think any other film industry is good at doing what this film industry did with romance. As a hardcore cinephile, I cherished every bit of it but watching actors falling in love onscreen always made me wonder, "Am I ever gonna find a true love like that?" To me, love always felt a little overrated and hope might be a dangerous thing for me to have as a queer person but I have it. I've watched innumerable Hindi rom-coms over these past years but there's something that stood out to me the most in Marathi movies - love stories with no huge sets or heavy scripting, just pure love!

Even though I grew up in a Marathi household with a typical Maharashtrian mom, I wasn't always fond of Marathi films until recently when I rewatched some of the most iconic movies in Marathi cinema. I found comfort in those films as they portrayed love in such a mature way. There were no kissing scenes, no over-the-top romantic segments, there was fakt shudh prem between actors and that's what drew me towards them. I still remember watching Mitwaa and falling completely in love with Swapnil Joshi and a totally new concept of love that I was being introduced to. He aced the romance genre in Marathi cinema when no other mainstream actor was doing it. And then, just like that, I was on a Marathi rom-coms marathon where I found love stories being portrayed in the nicest way possible.

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Here are eight movies that gave me hope; love exists!

Duniyadaari - (SonyLIV)


Who said love can only happen between two individuals? This film was one of the very first Marathi movies I watched that portrayed college friendship so well that it made me feel envious. It's also one of the first films where I was fascinated by the term 'katta' and friends hanging out together after college.

Daagdi Chaawl (Amazon Prime Video)


I was completely in awe with the fact that this was a typical Marathi action film and still did so well with its love aspect. This movie shows love between an upper middle class girl and a gangster and we all know that's the best kind in romance movies. We also got a gem of a song Dhaga Dhaga that was played throughout my teenage life and all I wanted then was a partner to sing along with!

Ti Saddhya Kay Karte (ZEE5)


Ever heard of the saying "Love for one never dies, it transcends into a different form of love but better that we later have for others"? This quote pretty much sums up the movie. A beautiful adaptation of strangers to lovers to strangers to being friends again. Love doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic one, it can be a platonic one too and Ti Saddhya Kay Karte showed why it's better when it's platonic.

Sairat (Youtube)


I think we all know about this one. Sairat went on to became a major hit and people from all over the world were obsessed with prasha and aarchi, the two lovers but faced difficulties with acceptance in both the families. This movie specifically taught me how love can not always bring beautiful things.

Mitwaa - (Amazon Prime Video)


From the chemistry between the co-stars to love songs that made us feel lonely but also happy for them, this movie is turning into a Marathi cult classic as we speak. As they say pyaar dosti hai, this movie also shows how there should be a spark of friendship before you start a relationship. The movie even had a beautiful definition of Mitwaa in which 'Mi' stands for 'Mitra' (a friend), 'Ta' stands for 'Tatwdnyani' (a philosopher) and 'Waa' stands for 'Watadya' (a guide). I think this is something we should pass it on to our next generation.

Timepass (ZEE5)


Every teenager ever who have watched this movie have at least once cried their balls out. There's a fine line between Marathi movies and showing forbidden love. And just like that dagdu and prajakta became one of the iconic duos in Marathi cinema. Teaching us that love has no limit and it doesn't matter how long you wait for a person the love never dies.

What was your first Marathi film you've ever watched? Let us know in the comments below!

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