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Brahmastra visions

Adipurush controversy led you to think that how there were certain Brahmastra visions that ended up working for the film that was also loaded with CGI and mythology as a background.

It's been a while since the release of Brahmastra but just a few days back, when the 90-second-long teaser of Adipurush sent shock waves across the entire country, it was inevitable to bring up conversations around Brahmastra. Why? Because this blockbuster also took inspiration from Hindu mythology and was India's first-ever large-scale production of a CGI-heavy film. From pandits and pujaris to film enthusiasts and the aam Janta, everyone has gotten involved in the Adipurush controversy, the major plot point of which is the representation of mythology and the looks created through CGI. Irrespective of all its flaws, there are certain Brahmastra visions that ended up working in the favor of the film.

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Growing up on a minuscule diet of Indian superheroes or Indian CGI-VFX-based films like Ra.One, Krrish, Robot, or worst-case scenario Jaani Dushman, our expectation from Bollywood is pretty low. And even though Ra.One and Robot were one of the finest attempts towards bringing the genre to India they couldn't create a storm. Brahmastra, although criticized earlier for its effects, created a visual experience to be enthralled by in the theatres. But here's what we think worked quite well and in favor of the film!


The heavy reliance of the film on its large-scale CGI-VFX paid off for the film as it created a visual experience that one wasn't expecting to witness on-screen in a Bollywood film. And look at the detail with which this has been worked upon. Even though it's inspired by the west, it's finding its own strength like how the color of fire (Agni) is so different with different people, Shiva's is a beautiful pink-looking fire because it generates positivity while Junoon or Dev's is a deep dark red because it generates negativity! And all of the battle sequences!


There's a lot talked about the film's music about the debate of love storiyaan and the dance mix of Kesariya. But you can't deny that the music of the film makes you want to get up and dance or be lost in it. After a long time, an entirely good album has come out of a Bollywood film that can be enjoyed thoroughly.

Background score

The background score actually works out in favor of the film as it ignites those emotions in you that otherwise could have been missing. Maybe it was the saving grace or covered up the flaws of the film, but we can't deny that all the action sequences are heightened by it. Case in point - Watching Shah Rukh Khan rising up in the sky as Vanarastra, the car chase sequence, and the battle in the end.

Camera work and production

The camera work done by five cinematographers creates a grand visual spectrum that's unfolding in front of your eyes. And even the set designs make you feel like you have entered into a fictional Varanasi, Mumbai, and Delhi. Look at all the god idols and their stature!

Costumes, hair and makeup

The costumes done by Anaita Shroff Adajania create a look for fiction as well as everyday casual wear. All of them look beautiful especially Alia as she's light but she wears normal jeans and a t-shirt. Mouni who plays Junoon looks perfect as a fictitious villain or Jal Astra Amrita who we only get a glimpse of but she looks so unique. And the hair and make-up team did an amazing job. You can't deny that Amitabh Bachchan looks dashing and cool as Guruji.

Certain moments in the story

The backstory of Shiva's parents even though told in a rush will leave you engrossed. It binds this otherwise over-flawed plot. When Shiva recounts his backstory of being an orphan and his mother dying but still having the hope of finding light in the darkness, that's such a unique take of a classic lost boy superhero since he's not lost. Even when he's scared of his own power since he feels that he's the one that ended up killing his mother and hence fears hurting everyone, especially Isha. The introduction of the film in Amar Chitra Katha style with Amitabh Bachchan's narration, all of these make strong moments for the film.

If you ask anyone, the general conclusion will be that Brahmastra is a great effort and a theatrical experience. And it definitely took a lot of inspiration from the west but remained original at its core which made it a festival!

What worked for you in Brahmastra? Tell us in the comments below!

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