6 vloggers who paved their way to success through YouTube

Sukaina Meghani
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6 vloggers who paved their way to success through YouTube
Creating videos around something you’re passionate about not only gets you fame but also crazy fan following, however, the amount of hard work, creativity and quirkiness needed is beyond measure.

The video-sharing platform, YouTube has exploded with talent since the beginning of its launch dating back to 2005. These YouTube aficionados have managed to crack the virality code and received far-flung popularity across social verticals!

If you haven’t subscribed to their channel, what are you waiting for?

Tyler Oakley

Starting off his personal channel in 2007 with a webcam, this popular internet celebrity has around 8M subscribers across the globe that hear his high pitched “Well hellooo everybody, my name is Tyler Oakley!” almost everyday. Join the Oakley family and make laughter your habit.


Specially made for filming a couple’s lifestyle and showcasing their love for each other through rib-tickling pranks, Jesse and Jenna are one of those couples who've made their YouTube name together in collaborative efforts with over 10M subscribers.

One of their most popular videos is the ‘Cheating Prank’ which has received more than 45M views!

East India Comedy

This chuckle-some nation has been giving laughter riots to their almost 5M subscribers with comedy satires around relationships, lifestyle, politics, and more.

You could also check out their exclusive interview with Social Samosa here.

Hola Soy German

A 26, Chilean YouTuber, blossomed a little late on the vlogging platform but soon rose to fame after his “The Obvious things of Life” video. With highly relatable and humorous takes on simple things, German Garmendia entertains his followers religiously.


One of the most controversial channels that found success through YouTube, The fine bros have 14.3M subscribers! Featuring diverse videos around gaming, food, music, and entertainment, the channel has been in business from 2007. Nevertheless, they recently lost over 250,000 subscribers after they announced a licensing scheme called React World.

Kanan Gill

Popularly known for “Pretentious movie reviews,” Kanan Gill uploads some of the most funniest videos around real-life situations. Raking in the Moohlas, Gill gives honest opinions to his 4M subscribers on the channel.

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