7 comedy creators to follow for your daily dose of laughter

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7 comedy creators to follow for your daily dose of laughter

With their humor, satire, and social commentary, these comedy creators will light up your feed.

Content creation is an ever-changing and interactive field and we often see new creators emerge to capture their audience's attention with relatable content. Recently, there is a shift in how the youth consume content and are bending towards something lightweight like comedy and satire. Now, comedy is not just about cracking jokes and being funny, but also about good writing, scripting, and delivery.

And creators are taking the internet by storm with their witty and hilarious content because platforms like Instagram have given these comedy artists a platform to boost their skills and engage with their audience.  

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Here is a list of some influencers who you can follow for some lightweight content on your feeds:

Agasthya Shah:

Agasthya makes short videos that are generally based on observational comedy and his AG fam or Agasthians love him for the same. He makes lively content, makes people laugh and he shows how grateful he is for his audience.  

Raghav Sharma:

Raghav is famous for creating short, snappy, relatable comic videos based on everyday people, situations, and incidents. His videos have the power to instantly put a smile on the faces of his viewers. He is easily one of the funniest Indian Instagrammers!

Dharna Durga: 

Dharna showcases content that is relatable to all age groups. She has created her own multiverse of characters who often feature in her videos as either Ramu Kaka, desi dads and moms, annoying neighbors, or the stereotypical relative among several others.

The Bajis:

Gulafshan Baji (Shazma) and Shabbo Baji (Soha) are a crazy sister duo making desi content to crack you up! Shazma and Soha flaunt their identities on Reels and attack the lazy stereotypes that go with being a Muslim — Urdu dialects, biryani, ghazals, Eid sewaiyaan, sherwanis, and kohl-lined eyes. It’s a cultural commentary through which the Bajis are shifting the gaze and winning hearts.

Rishabh Shukla:

If funny skits and social commentary is your thing, Rishabh's videos will surely crack you up. His parody of moral videos is enough to light up your mood. 

Kartik Wadhwa:

Even if you are not a cook, Kartik's videos will make you wanna be one. He makes recipe videos in his own quirky way and his food commentary is the highlight of his content. 


Women are not shy anymore to speak up for themselves and call out stereotypes and misogyny. And if you love to watch such content presented in a humorous way, Vagmita is the creator to follow. 

Who is your favorite comedy creator? Let us know in the comments below!

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