8 feel good new releases on OTT that you can watch to give your mind a little rest and your heart filled!

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From Look Both Ways to Parallel Mothers to Cha Cha Real Smooth here are some exceptionally comfortable feel-good new releases on OTT that are as heartwarming as they are relaxing!

There are often times when you are scrolling up and down the OTT platforms wanting to watch something yet not willing to press on anything. Your head is tired from working all day, and just like with a glass of wine, all you want to do is wind down with something comfortable to watch. Something that doesn't make your mind work endlessly, yet you feel so full after watching it as it leaves something with you. There are several feel-good casual stuff to watch on OTT, but it is rare to chance upon something that is as heartwarming as it is relaxing. And in recent months, there is some good content that has come around as feel-good new releases that totally works on this!

The best part of these films is that they sometimes act as a good cry-out sesh and at the same time, calms you down completely. While they make you go down the thinking train of thoughts yet those are all like meditating, after which you end up feeling good!

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Here are some of the recent feel good new releases on OTT!

Look Both Ways- Netflix

This film is all about how it's not one choice or moment that will end up making or breaking your life but a series of choices and moments that makes your life! A woman whose life is shown in both ways after a certain incident, this film is hopeful and a teachable moment at best!

Cha Cha Real Smooth- Apple TV+

This film is all about growing up, being lost to find life but in the most unique of ways where a young guy breaks all the shackles of so-called stereotyped ways in which young boys come out of age! You might have never seen something so incredibly heartwarming coming-of-age film! It is a good cry-out sesh too!

Parallel Mothers- Amazon Prime Video

This film delves into how important it is to be connected to your roots and your ancestral line and how complicated it sometimes is motherhood! Made it like a play where different acts play out, this film is all too real yet feel-good!

Purple Hearts- Netflix

This film is a cliché rom-com where two polar opposites with headstrong ideologies fall in love but in a complicated way and figure it all out with some amazing music! This film doesn't glorify a certain aspect of army or war but presents various sides of which how the young Americans feel about fighting for their country but in a cute way!

Licorice Pizza- Amazon Prime Video

This film will completely wrap you up in its arms of sweetness, hilariousness, and the absurd love story that feels weirdly toxic yet intoxicating. It's like once you start, you can't stop watching this film and be totally involved in it. There are very few films that can direct your feelings precisely as it wants yet leaves you free to do whatever you want to; this film is just that!

Royalteen- Netflix

This film from up above looks like a cliché fairytale where a common teen girl falls in love with a young royal prince charming who saves her even but in reality, is much more grounded to reality. It's like a tale as old as time has been given a new modern twist where social media, and insecurities play a huge part!

The Worst Person in the World- MUBI

This film is again about choices and the messiness of life where when put at crossroads, the characters take decisions that they seem to be the best at that present moment. This is one such film that will teach you a thing or two about life as it embraces the messes and the nostalgia. It is a good cry-out sesh too!

Father of the Bride- Amazon Prime Video

This film is all about how sometimes as people experiencing life, we travel so far away that even our loved ones start to leave our hands. It is a sweet cute comedic journey into the feelings of a father whose on the verge of getting a divorce from his wife when his elder daughter just decided to get married suddenly. Within all the chaos, he finds his calm and himself once again!

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