8 Things Not To Tweet To Your Followers

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8 Things Not To Tweet To Your Followers

Twitter is an excellent platform for expressing oneself. It wins over Facebook, because you have a choice to connect with like minded people. This article is about tweets you should avoid tweeting out to your followers. Sure, it’s your handle and you can handle it the way you want! But the truth is, this is how most of us feel when our tweets don’t get any attention -



If you wish to know what a follower really dislikes, you can continue reading...


1. Good Morning Tweets

Greeting people is nice, only when it is done personally. I have rarely seen followers replying to a “Good morning everyone” tweet. Yes, you can make your greeting interesting by adding an inspirational quote / a positive news to your tweet.




2. Food Tweets

Unless your Mom is following you on Twitter, who cares whether you had lunch or not?  Even a food blogger needs to be elaborate rather than just writing ‘Had Lunch at XYZ place’.



3. FourSquare / Swarm Check-ins

So you are at a bar with your friends? Put down your phone, stop ignoring your friends, and try to engage with your friends. We don't care where you are! And if we did, we would call you. Plus, it is risky to share your location. There is already, a website that lets potential burglars know which people won't be home based on Foursquare updates.




4. Your Fitness Updates

You have an app on your iPhone that calculates how much you ran this morning but that is not helping the followers shed their calories. Keep your stats to yourself.




5. Weather Updates / Traffic Updates

Avoid stating the obvious. If it’s raining, people can probably figure that out themselves. Traffic updates seldom help because they are less about traffic and more about your frustration.




6. Personal Pictures

Post only those pictures which people would like to see. For example, travel pictures (if captured well) are good to see but do not post pictures of your kitten sleeping.




7. Your Follower Count

Trust me, begging for followers is not cool. Many people also use an app that tweets how many followers & un-follows did they have during the day. It is probably the most annoying tweet for your followers.





8. Negative Emotions

If you’re feeling down, it’s usually better to keep it to yourself. This is difficult because we are used to treating Twitter as a diary. Of course, if you do want to reach for connection at a time of need, you should.



Conclusion: What Followers Expect?

Everyone has limited time. And nobody wants to read things which are meaningless to them. Your followers are looking for some value from your Tweet. You can give them an insight from your experience, you can entertain them, educate them, help them or update them with the latest happenings. Make sure your tweets are worth your followers’ time!

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