Statistics show that the odds are stacked against men on Tinder, because there are way more men on it than women.

Anecdotal evidence shows that the odds are stacked against young, intelligent women on Tinder, because a majority of these men come across as creeps. As they pose for disgustingly filtered selfies behind their shades and upturned collars, they don’t understand why they just don’t get matches.

Whatever your reason for existing on Tinder, whether you’re looking for a temporary wham or a potentially fulfilling relationship, there’s a subtle art to getting to it without coming across like a chomu. Do any of the following and you’ll ensure yourself of never getting a match or even a date for that matter!


1. Get on Tinder to Make Friends.

First things first. Orkut is dead. Tinder is not Orkut.

To make fraandship, there is real life and an entire social community online for you. Tinder is a dating app, and there will be expectations. If you have unresolved issues in your love life, stay away from it and sort yourself out first.


2. Have Inanimate Objects in Your Profile Picture

First impressions are so important! The more creeps one rejects, the more impatient the swiping becomes. You need to be visible. This is your Tinder profile, not your cover photo on facebook. People want to see your face. So do not put pictures of your cat / dog / bike / car /potted plant / Marine Drive on it. Enigmatic mystique is conjured in conversation, not in hiding your face on an app which depends hugely on appearance.


 3. Put No Solo Pictures of Yourself.

Would you go flirting in a pub with a woman hanging off your arm? No, right? So take your beautiful friend off your profile picture, and take some solo shots.

Do not put pictures of yourself with other people. An impatient (but very attractive person) will not take time to identify WHO out of the whole group is you. Another disadvantage is that the swiper becomes inclined to compare your appearance with the others in the group, which is NOT a very good idea if you have extremely attractive friends..


4. Put Your BBM Pin/ Snapchat ID in Your Description.

You are more than a string of numbers or a pretentious little moniker. You. Must. Write. A. Description. Looks are not everything, (and not everyone is on BBM.). A witty description does more than a pretty face. Get working!


5. ***** Grammar.

Good grammar is sexy. Trashy grammar attracts trashy people. If you are more comfortable with Hindi or any other Indian language, by all means, go ahead. But do not mess your language up.


6. Tell Your Life Story Within the First Three Minutes of Conversation

To those who are looking for more than one night stands on Tinder, this applies to real life dating as well. It is rude to center initial conversation on your string of exes, and your bad breakup induced trust issues. Doing that is primarily boring, and also getting ahead of yourself. A girl has to know your name first before she can be your Life’s Guiding Light.


 7. Give One Word Responses

Treat your first Tinder conversation like a real conversation with a real, breathing human being at the other end. First impressions certainly count and so do your manners. Try to contribute to an engaging conversation. If the other person bores you, unmatch. Do not reply in one word answers.


 8. Add People You Know.

If the two of you know each other and something had to happen, it would have happened ages ago. Get off Tinder and ask them out in real life if you think there is a chance: or else, there are plenty more faces in the Tinder reel.


Now that you know how not to do it. Go ahead and find out lessons on how to do it right.