9 Kinds Of Moms You Encounter On Facebook Mom Groups

Janice Goveas
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9 Kinds Of Moms You Encounter On Facebook Mom Groups

Facebook mom groups can be pretty useful and pretty annoying as well. But there is a general pattern you see in all moms groups and there are the usual suspects – you can literally sort them into the following 9 kinds of moms:

  1. The know it all: This is the kind of mom whose suggestions are longer than the query on the group. Usually the first to comment on every post, her suggestions are because she likens herself to a parenting expert. And she knows answers to everything – from colic, to teething to potty training and when you should wean your baby! When someone said ‘Mother knows best’, was probably referring to her!


2. The stalker: This mom never comments, posts or even likes a post but when she really does, its like she has been watching you…ALL THE TIME! She is literally stalking you online knowing where your child goes to school, probably even knows his blood group! She is reading and judging your every move…(shudder!)

q23. The incurable mompreneur: Comes to the group when she has to post updates about the new workshop is holding or when she has a sale in her boutique. She will either routinely post her business’ facebook page or her blog which is nothing less than a dumbed-down website. Else you can find her (or not find her at all!) completely disengaged.


4. The attention junkie: This one is always doing something extra-ordinary – always ready with ‘look-at-me’ posts. Either whipping up a four course meal after a post about how she just slept for two hours last night, or talking about how many ounces of milk she pumped, or a photograph of her son’s potty – saying ‘yay! He is only 6 months old and is finally potty-trained’ – well just about anything for a “Wow! Great job girl!”

 q45. The ‘ perfect mom’ : This one is always posting updates herself and her perfect kid. Has her weight in perfect control, perfect kids doing perfect things. Her laundry is done, her clothes are folded, her home is clean, she is the top of the pops at work, has perfect in-laws and parents who support her perfectly…well you get the picture. And yes, you hate her - because she isn’t you!


 6. The one’s whose kids are ALWAYS sick: This mom’s kids have the worst health possible. She is either posting pictures of her kids’ swollen fingers or toes, or the rash they have developed, or she is asking questions like, “There are blood spots in my child’s urine, do I need to go to the doctor?” You almost feel like asking her, “What are you asking us for!! Go to the doctor ASAP!!!”


7. The ‘brag’ queen: Her children are always topping their class or winning the race. Always posting pictures of her kids’ medals or certificates, you can almost envision her kids to reach the moon!


8. The environmentally-friendly mom: This one makes the baby eat home grown vegetables from her kitchen garden, she has a herb or an oil for a cold or a fever, a home remedy for every ache and pain her child has, stitches her child’s clothes at home from her clothes or her husband’s, makes toys for her child at home – you name it and she does it. Literally making the world a better place for her child to live in.


9. The experienced one: You don’t mind this one. She has sensible advice to give because she has been around – seen and done it all. She can advice without being too judging or looking down on others. Usually a trusted member of the group and can approach her without batting an eyelid.


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