The most versatile singer in the Indian music industry, Sunidhi Chauhan captures multiple emotions in each of her notes.

Everyone has a specific character to which they relate, be it a sidekick or the lead. Main character vibes can be defined by the outfits you wear or just the way you perceive yourself. Cinema throughout its span has given us some characters that totally give that vibe but we rarely talk about songs you ask? There are so many songs that can and will make you your own protagonist that you always wanted to be. Some artists sing about the boy attention they get and some just talk about their inner beauty and outer beauty, either way, that is what The Main Character I wanna channel. Well, Miss Sunidhi Chauhan has been doing it for years. Sunidhi’s ability to constantly switch between soulful to pop songs is something to look up to.

Her songs will just make you wanna dress up, it gives you the confidence to walk with poise and not care about anything. It gives queen behavior and queen behavior only. Just the way she sings her song with so much passion it’s like she preaches what she sings. It is like she is taking you through the life cycle of being the badass that you always were. Also, I love that gender was never an issue with her songs, a person of any gender can relate to the music and lyrics Sunidhi decides to serve. Because growing up I always wanted to channel the shut up and bounce aesthetic, hoping I’ll do that in my mid 20’s. But if you are having trouble soaking the main character vibe, here are a few songs that will suffice. 

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Here are the 9 songs by Sunidhi Chauhan that will make you shut up and bounce!

Desi Girl


Shut Up and Bounce

Chokra Jawaan

Sheila Ki Jawani

Aa Zara

Girls Like to Swing

Aaja Nachle

Crazy Kiya Re

What’s your favorite song from Sunidhi Chauhan and did these songs help you channel your main character vibe? let us know in the comment.

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