A heart-warming Schitts Creek Twitter thread about life advice will make you wanna watch the show all over again!

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As Goofy as Schitts Creek is, it has also given us some important life advices that can really go a long way. And we came across one such adorable Twitter thread just about it!

Schitts Creek has become the go-to comfort show on a bad day for most of us. The show is endearing yet stomach hurtlingly funny at the same time. From David's Rose Apothecary, Alexis' 'A little bit Alexis' dance routine, Moira's plethora of wigs, and Johnny's Rosebud Motel, we have everything etched in our minds forever! Over the six seasons, the family went from riches to rags and built their life back again from zero while stepping out of their comfort zones. So it's a given that the Rose's learned some pretty valuable life lessons throughout their journey of finding themselves and also growing closer as a family.

We ourselves have a list of favorite scenes from the show that proves to be path-breaking and iconic moments in the history of sitcoms. One of the biggest being David telling Stevie "I like the wine and not the label" making it one of the simplest yet best ways to tell someone about your sexuality. When Moira and Johnny go for dinner with some old friends and realize that sometimes the people who have been in your life for the longest fail to support you in a way your new friends might. Even though the whole fandom was rooting for Alexis and Tedd the whole time, their decision to separate at the end to follow their individual ambitions was way more inspiring than any love story out there. Moira's desire to keep working, be it her movie career or in the town council. Johnny's willpower to create another big franchise with Stevie from square one. And lastly, all those little moments like Alexis' graduation or David's driving test when the Rose family have each other's backs and learn things about each other which they had ignored in their past lavish lifestyle.

So we found one such Twitterati who compiled some really cool dialogues from the show that will stick to you as life advices forever!

1. Only settle for the best

We love a confident Alexis, don't we?

2. Choose yourself first

3. Positive Vibes Only

Heart-to-heart conversations with David are the best!

4. Movies can mislead our expectations sometimes

But of course, nothing compares to his undeniable sarcasm!

5. You got this!

Moira Rose- an actor, a mom and member of the Jazzagals

6. You have to be your biggest support on rainy days

Even if it's a movie like Crows have eyes-3

7. Experience the journey of life...looking fabulous of course

We can literally hear Alexis cat-walking through the town in her heels.

Wasn't that uplifting to read? Sometimes our favorite fictional characters are the ones who tell us what we really want to hear and Schitt's Creek has always proved to be that home away from home for its fans. With the series ending, we often get teary-eyed but are never hesitant to revisit the town of Schitt's Creek and this thread has given us a major reason to sit back and watch the show with a smile on our faces again.

What was the life advice you learned from Schitt's Creek? Let us know in the comments down below!

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