Aarya 2 on Hotstar filled with great performances manages to keep you nail-bitingly at the edge of your seat irrespective of it being predictable.

Usually, it is incredibly difficult and rare to see a show that is a massive success both critically and commercially could maintain its stature and dignity in its sequel. Maximum of the time most sequels are disappointing as they can’t hold the weight of the bar that the predecessor season has left upon it. But Aarya 2 on Hotstar just by a margin surpasses this tricky phase of being a second and becomes a great sequel to Aarya. It is not just a sequel that takes the story forward but it also explores the story of Aarya in the same depthness that season one did. This 8-episode sequel is just as thrilling, exciting, chilling, and emotional just as the previous one though is just pretty predictable.

Even though the show is a remake of the Dutch show Penoza yet what works for this show is the swift cultural translation it is brought to the table. It’s easy to take in a story for a remake but it’s hard to turn into your own and that’s what is so brilliantly done in both seasons. And what is remarkable about this show is that it not only shows you the fall-and-the-rise journey of its protagonist, Aarya but rather takes you on that journey with her. In this season, Aarya with her three kids has been brought back to India under police protection to give a statement against her family in court. In a series of events that spirals down, she loses police protection and her family gets free with Shikhwat’s father as well. So now her family, Shikhwat’s father, the Russians, and even the police, are all behind Aarya. And she has got to do whatever is necessary for her and her family to survive.

The structure of both seasons remains quite the same- some spiral of events brings Aarya and her three kids cornered until she decided to take her claws out and fight back. But what works for the show in this structure is the patience and attention to detail with which the makers tell the story. They take their time without rushing any moment give each character depth and each emotion enough value. The close-ups, the silences filled with beautiful background scores, and the haunting effect of using classic Hindi vibrant-romantic songs for a crime scene. But unfortunately, all of this kind of seems a tad bit missing in this season and the plot seems pretty predictable. Don’t get us wrong it’s a thrilling 8-episodes season but compared to the brilliance of the first season it’s not exactly up to the mark.

The weight of this season majorly relies upon the shoulders of Aarya (Sushmita Sen) and she did a wonderful job of carrying the season on her shoulders. But this means that the rest of the characters existing from previous seasons and introduced in this one takes a back seat. But other than this Ram Madhvani along with a team of co-writers Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh and Anu Singh Choudhary, and co-directors Vinod Rawat and Kapil Sharma seems to know what he is doing and where he wants to take us. The thematic value of this season is commendable yet heartbreaking that sometimes when we are trying to run away from something it just seems to always catch up with us so it’s just better to run away and embrace the reality. In this case, Aarya realizes that running away from her family business is not going to do anything.

But that’s enough from us, let’s see what the Janta is saying about Aarya 2!

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