Fashion Influencers, Aashna Shroff and Masoom Minawala became a part of this year’s Paris Fashion Week representing L’Oreal Paris and Hermes respectively.

The fashion and digital space in India is growing on a global level and we couldn’t be more proud and excited. Indian social media influencers are making it big at the Global level and representing India and Indian fashion. We just saw Indian influencers grace the red carpet of Cannes and now we have Aashna Shroff and Masoom Minawala becoming the only Indian influencers to become a part of L’Oreal Paris’s Le Défilé show at Paris Fashion Week. LPFW is one of the most renowned fashion events that take place annually in Paris. Like all the previous events, this year’s LPFW had an important message to share. With the “Stand Up Against Street Harassment” program, the event made an effort to spread a powerful feminist statement and to advocate for all women.

All eyes were on Paris this weekend as one of the most prestigious fashion events saw some of the most renowned influencers from across the world walk the ramp for beauty giant, L’Oreal Paris. And among these influencers were two of the most loved creators, Aashna and Masoom. Aashna who is known for her classy, sophisticated contour and for being a successful entrepreneur was the first Indian influencer to have been invited to the annual event. She also became the first to walk the ramp for L’Oreal Paris. Talking about her experience she wrote on her Instagram, “I remember wishing an Indian creator would get the opportunity to walk for it, but I never imagined it would happen, let alone the fact that I would be the one representing my country among people that are celebrated globally, and I only have my L’Oréal Paris family to thank for that.”

Apart from making history, she also shared the space with some of the most loved and popular celebrities like Aishwarya Rai, Helen Mirren, Nikolaj Coster-Waldeu, Camila Cabello, and others. Another influencer who was present at the event was Masoom Minawala. With her chic, boujee, and statement pieces, the fashionista graced the event and made us proud in this global event. The fashion influencer was able to make a statement with her outfits that needs a separate mention. She was invited on behalf of the clothing brand, Hermes, and wore some of their extraordinary outfits for the show. She also attended Christian Louboutin where the brand released their first-ever genderless capsule collection.

This is clearly a big deal for the influencer and Indian fashion community. Congratulations guys!

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