If you are looking for outfits for a specific occasion, then these Aashna Shroff looks are perfect for you because she has something for every occasion!

One major reason that we follow creators online is to find inspiration and give our everyday life a new twist. The fashion influencers online have actually made our lives a lot easier. While they spend hours figuring out new ways to style a piece of clothing, we just scroll through their page to find something that speaks to us. They’ve always been able to help us up our style game! Today, we have influencers with their own funky, classy, or Y2K style and Aashna Shroff makes the most basic piece of clothing look classy as hell!

Aashna Shroff’s style is more contemporary, sophisticated, and swanky. Her looks make us want to open a bottle of champagne and sit by the beach while enjoying the sunset. Everything is minimal, pastel, and superlative. Her fashion sense is what most of us look up to! No matter what the occasion is one can always try one of her looks and stand out in the crowd. Every outfit of hers has its own story and these occasions are perfect to carry off Aashna Shroff’s style!

Check them out!

For all your fun brunch dates with your people

To channel your inner boss lady and let your outfit do half of the talking

For when the world is your red carpet and you always have to be ready

When you can’t hold back the desi girl in you. Aunties, send rishtas!

When you need a sexy beach look to keep up with a breathtaking sunset

Because your BFF is getting married

When you can finally fly, fly in style with airport looks

When you want to work from home keeping comfort and style in mind

Happy birthday, Aashna!

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