Twitter is a place to share your views and experiences with the world, start a conversation and indulge in a healthy exchange of ideas and it also has a lot of other applications, but, there is one use of Twitter that none of its founders were looking forward to. Spewing venom, preaching hatred and hurling abuses and Mr. Abhijeet’s Twitter stands for all those things.

After an extremely offensive and distasteful tweet directed towards a female journalist did not go down well with Twitter users, the singer deleted his tweet although Twitter never forgets!

This is not the first time Abhijeet’s Twtitter account has tweeted absolutely disgraceful and cringe worthy comments.

Looking back with an anecdote from last year when the tastefully (not) offensive (very) gentleman landed in trouble after he posted a tweet with inaccurate information, painting a murder in Chennai as a case of ‘Love Jihad’, and upon being called out, Abhijeet resorted to abusive language and name calling.

This led to Abhijeet being arrested for his abusive tweets and then being released on bail, but sadly has not stopped posting abusive and wildly objectionable tweets from his Twitter account, something which has led to him being endeared by Right Wing faction on Twitter.

Yes, he is also the same guy who famously blurted out these golden words, and sparked off a controversy back in 2015.

abhijeet's Twitter
Abhijeet's Twitter

He had also famously picked up a war of words with a decorated Army personnel and called him a ‘Pak supporter’, wishing that Lt. General Harcharanjit Singh Panag, former Commanding officer of the Northern Command and Central Command of the Indian Army, should be ‘beaten up, kicked and humiliated on the streets.’

Abhijeet's Twitter

Time and again, Abhijeet’s Twitter account has delivered hateful remarks, benefiting by the constantly deepening chasm between Indians, fueled by the existing hatred in the atmosphere, inciting more of it.

If these tweets from Abhijeet’s Twitter account did not make you cringe, here are some more unapologetic tweets that should never have been posted by anyone, let alone a has-been, who feasts upon the unfortunate religious hatred among his countrymen.

1. Describing Kavitha Krishnan with classy vocabulary

2. These are Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s thoughts about the man who was used as a human shield by Indian Army personnel that Lt. General Harcharanjit Singh Panag expressed shame over.

3. Describing Former Zee News Editor, Vinod Kapri with homophobic undertones and baseless allegations

4. Unsubstantiated claims

5. Threats to CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury

Well, I am out of words. I’m guessing you are too.