You may have outgrown the juvenile Facebook confession pages, but Quora confessions maintain their ability to absolutely dumbfound us time and again.

Anonymity on Quora is absolutely guaranteed, and that helps when you are trying to tell people about the downright ridiculous, strange, weird and questionable acts that you have indulged in. Not to mention some people have the audacity to not go Anonymous altogether!

Check out some of these Quora confessions that are bound to make you re-evaluate the depths of stupidity and randomness that human beings are capable of.

1. Just one question. Why maple syrup?

2. Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier is he?

3. What sort of crap goes on at IIT? Aren’t those guys supposed to be smart?

4. Mr. LoveJihad? Your table is ready!

5. You know it is going to be hilarious when it involves farts!

6. What diabolical revenge plot is this?

7. ‘Pyar me andha hona’ anyone? Eh? Eh?

9. Attention, Attention seekers all over the world. The bar has been raised.

10. *sad reacts only*

12. Free croissants for everybody!

13. Bet you did not see this one coming haha