We’re simping on internet’s favorite boyfriend Aditya Roy Kapur and here’s why!

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Aditya Roy Kapur

From Reels to thirst traps, we simply cannot skip anything Aditya Roy Kapur aka a man too good to be true!

Aditya Roy Kapur truly has taken over our hearts and social media! Right from Action Replay to his latest series, he has always made heads turn wherever he goes. There’s something about him that makes us swoon over him every single time. Be it his soft spoken nature, his smile, the characters that he plays or his undeniably gorgeous physique. There’s this nonchalant nature that he has which makes him look at ease and poised. He might be posing shirtless on posters but he still keeps his calmness intact in his voice. The national heart throb (just like Rocky) has no objection with being objectified on social media. Rather, he said in an interview that he has worked so much on himself, might as well just get some appreciation out of it. The Night Manager has been a remarkable addition to his career and many of us started looking at him more seriously as an actor after the release of the series.

He's the perfect blend of good talent and good looks and here’s why we’ll never get tired of him!

His characters

Shaan Sengupta from The Night Manager just hits differently. He was a simple guy who went rogue because of a girl he came across at the hotel he worked at. We all love a good boy gone rogue trope and he portrayed that with such panache. Avi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is another audience favorite. We liked him but also found the character to be toxic in so many ways and portraying that authentically also requires conviction. Right from Aashiqui, one of his biggest hits, he has tried his best to make an impact when he is on-screen.

His sense of humor

He might look like a greek god but when he speaks, he is just the same as any other guy from Mumbai you’ll talk to! His playful nature with his co-stars, the paparazzi, and his friends are often moments that make him feel so relatable and bring a smile to your face!

He is a sight for sore eyes

This one’s pretty self explanatory! He is and always will be a stunning actor! His Instagram, the magazine covers and conscious thirst traps that he posts are proof!

He's well dressed, always!

Back in 2021, he made it to GQ’s list of 'best dressed Indians' and feels like he has been unstoppable ever since. From red carpets to film festivals, he always knows how to dress right for the occasion!

A philanthropist 

He has been pretty vocal about the causes he strongly believes in. He has often participated in football matches for charity and also been associated with organizations that work towards the betterment of the environment! We love a man who has a good set of morals and stands up for them!

Adtiya Roy Kapur

Happiest birthday to the internet's favorite boyfriend, may our undying Aashiqui for you reign all over Instagram edits and more!

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