The Adipurush teaser looks confused with itself about where it wants to go!

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Adipurush teaser

Whether they wanted to go towards the west or make a real-life action-packed film, the Adipurush teaser leaves you unsatisfied and at odds with what to think of it!

Historical and mythological films are the new trend in town! Producers are putting so much money into bringing these stories come to life in new avatars with modern technology. So it's given that the expectation is set high, especially after Brahmastra, and Ponniyin Selvan. If anything it has only increased. But we also understand that not every film can bring the same VFX to the table. And given that Adipurush is a live-action film it was bound to be different.

From demon-like characters flying high, Khilji-inspired Raavan that later takes on a west-inspired look, to the 'Planet of the Apes' look alike vanar sena and the heavily computerized look of the film, from the start till the end nothing looks real or even Indian for that matter. Instead, it looks like a bad cartoon or a game version of Ramayana. Even Prabhas as Raghava, as the film is based on Ramayana, doesn't fit as the simplicity and calmness on Ram's face are completely amiss. Everything is either too beautified or looks so unreal that this world that's created with 500 crores doesn't even look inviting enough.

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Either the film is too confused about where it wanted to go in terms of being a live-action film or was too inspired by the west that they ended up making a chaotic blend. From Planet of the Apes to Avatar to Tanhaji to Padmavaat to cartoons to video games, you can see everything but Adipurush itself. It seems like the makers forgot about the story that's so powerful in itself with intricate and complicated characters, all in the name of making it a big-budgeted film.

The movie directed by Om Raut and produced by T-Series Films and Retrophilesis is all set to release on January 12, 2023, in theatres, and it leaves us to wonder how this would look in IMAX 3D!

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