Yesterday we witnessed another unlikely occurrence when we saw Aditya Narayan try to use his influence to relieve another man off his underpants at the airport and Twitter roasted him within an inch of his life!

The man may have taken ‘Chota bacha jaan ke na koi aankh dikhana re’ too seriously, and although he used to be adorable, he just seems like an idiot to all of us now. The ones who remember him of course. There was a lot of banter, and many had no clue who Aditya Narayan even was, and the ones who did, did not let this opportunity slide.

Of course there were Superman losing his underwear jokes, and many including Aamir, Sushant Singh Rajput and more lost their chaddi at the hands of Aditya Narayan.

1. Goddamn Poor Mowgli

2. Alternate profession alert.

Aditya Narayan3. Uh-oh! You just got Aditya Narayan’d Ranveer.
Aditya Narayan4. SameAditya Narayan5. Accurate
Aditya Narayan6. A wave of terror has gripped superheroes all over the world.
Aditya Narayan7. Uska na
Aditya Narayan8. Suit bhi le liya 
Aditya Narayan9. Best
Aditya Narayan10. Oh now Sushant too?
Aditya Narayan11. Oh boy!
Aditya Narayan12. hahaha
Aditya Narayan

Dear Aditya, we hope you’ve learned basic manners and humanity by now.