9 aesthetic food accounts that will make you drool over your screens

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Aesthetic food accounts

Need another reason to finish that snack pack? Then you have it! These aesthetic food accounts will work up your appetite visually.

If there's a universal language of love it has to be food. The grumpiest mood can be instantly made better with some good food and it doesn't need to be fancy to be good. While we can still spend our late nights munching on some snacks, the art of making food always intrigues us. We might not even be good at making a decent omelet but we love watching videos of people preparing them.

We can spend hours watching someone carefully following the procedure, step by step, and creating mouth-watering dishes. There is something therapeutic about it and even though we may not actually recreate it IRL, we love watching these videos. After spending hours watching these videos, we end up feeling hungry and order food. Instagram is a platform that brings out the artistic side of people! They always try to share the most aesthetic and visually pleasing videos and pictures. There are many such aesthetic food accounts that are soothing to both our eyes and our forever hungry selves.

Check them out!

Charmer Kitchen

Anything Jamie


Ana Mariazap

Turkuaz Kitchen



Saloni Kukreja

Neerja Elango

Are you hungry? Because we are!

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