Itziar Ituño aka Agent Raquel sang Chunari Chunari and amused the fans of Netflix’s popular Spanish drama, Money Heist.

While one of our favourite web-series Money Heist had us all singing Bella Ciao, Itziar Ituño aka our very own Agent Raquel surprised us with her knowledge of Bollywood songs. We all know the crazy that Bella Ciao became after fans heard it on Netflix’s hit Spanish drama, but even as we have us murmuring the song (singing all the wrong lyrics in the world) Itziar aka Agent Raquel sang Chunari Chunari and shocked her fans with her love for Bollywood songs.

The actor was in News18’s talkshow where she confessed her love for Bollywood movies and songs. Among all the favourites, she decided to sing one of the favourites from Salman Khan‘s movie Biwi No 1. The clip has made it to the internet and has gone viral were since. Itziar has also in the past showed her love for Indian music and dance. It would be the time we said that she ‘stole’ every Indian’s heart with her song.

She is not the only actor from the popular series to hold an Indian connection. After some dedicated stalking fans have found a 5-year-old Indian ad featuring Miguel Herrán aka Rio, who plays the young hacker in the series. The ad is everything a typical Bollywood movie can be and has made fans fall in love with him all over again. Another actor Alba Flores who essayed the role of Nairobi in the series and won hearts has also played the character of a Telugu lady in one of the Spanish movies. Considering the connection they have with India, is it too much to ask for them to include a character named after any of the Indian states?! Asking for a friend.

Check out how Itziar Ituño aka Agent Raquel sang Chunari Chunari and how fans reacted to it:

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