Bombay 70 is an emotion, much like Delhi 6 — here we trace how the upcoming Gully Boy is related to Bombay 70, a 2014 MAMI winning short documentary.

This Valentine’s week is special for Indian rappers and the hip hop industry as Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy is all set to release. Singh’s second biggie after marriage is one that’s being anticipated as a window for us all to steal a glimpse into the world of music that’s produced in the streets of Mumbai.

In between the praise for the movie’s album, there is a 2014 documentary that’s being gushed over in the Twitterverse. A MAMI winner, it traces the journey of Naved Shaikh, popularly known as Naezy The Baa.

Rapping and hip hop have been gaining steady traction for quite some time now. In fact, the University of Mumbai even started a course to study it from an academic perspective! As for Naezy, one of the most famous of his works include rapping the On Air With AIB’s theme song. Another popular artist in the same genre is Divine. The Naezy-Divine version of Mere Gully Mein has 298K hits on Youtube!

In a perfectly timed sequence of events, the OST of Bombay 70 was dropped by Disha Rindani, the filmmaker behind this MAMI genius.

Twitterverse has been going gaga over this short film, we have got proof!

Both, the commercial movie and the short documentary are stories of men based in Bombay 70 who used words to set themselves free.

He discovers he can give vent to his feelings with lyrics like these, which are tailor-made for rap. Or as Naezy’s mother in Bombay 70 would put it: “English kipoetry zor zor se bol raha hai.”

Though not technically official, it would be safe to assume that…

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