AIB famed comedian accused of sexual harassment against not one but many!

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Comedian Utsav Chakraborty fame All India Bakchod has been accused of sexual exploitation by writer Mahima Kukreja. Twitter comes in support of Kukreja while some also present their ordeal with the comedian who has also been a part of a few AIB videos.

While many officegoers are busy packing their bags at this hour, Twitter is witnessed to yet another debate on sexual harassment - this time in the comic world. Comedian Utsav Chakraborty, who has been featured in a few AIB (All India Bakchod) videos is believed to join the bandwagon of hypocrites. All it started with Utsav’s tweet condemning a few Indian men sexually harassing women on an Australian cruise. What follows is a thread of tweets by writer Mahima Kukreja expressing plight of girls around who have fallen prey to Utsav’s sexual misconduct.

About 99% of cases of sexual violence go unreported, according to reports and this was one of them. The audience are still to get over Tanushree Dutaa’s ordeal and her ongoing allegations against veteran actor Nana Patekar. The social world’s attention gets divided by yet another story of a victim who gets assaulted by a man from the comedy sector. It’s understood from the allegations that Utsav has been sending explicit and offensive DMs on Twitter, Snapchat etc and asked nudes from young girls. This one’s quite a shocker for the rest of comedians who are obliged by their profession to make people happy and not harass them.

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Mahima’s tweet has created rage over social media and has sparked another battle against sexual exploitation. Here Mumbai police has taken into cognizance and also AIB has clarified their take on the issue and rising allegations against the comedian.

Utsav too hasn't shied away from presenting his point rubbishing all the accusations.

#AIBalatkaris has been trending on Twitter since the news broke with users bashing them.

It is to be seen if the comedy world comes together to do something that's the need of the hour.

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