Of all the odd yet hilarious ideas that All India Bakchod has come up with to date, #AIBJagrata turned out to be the first crowdsourced bank of humour, insults, laughter, and some very offensive comment threads.

Now it is not completely clear what genius at AIB came up with this anarchist idea of #AIBJagrata, but it had all the right ingredients to ignite some bestie banter, and some top notch roasting at the hands of keyboard warriors from all over the country.

While most comments proved why only a few people make it as comedians in life, some actually delivered a pretty good laugh if we were to be honest. Also, All India Bakchod kept the #AIBJagrata thread entertaining with some pretty funny replies.

#AIBJagrata Number 1

Just saying, Bhatakti tatti would be even better.


This guy knows about Buffer.



Tatti fades in contrast to what these guys call each other..



This diabolical spammer.

Nobody likes a know it all..

#AIBJagrata Number 2


Thank God this guy does not write comic books.

Yeah read the whole thing.

#AIBJagrata Number 3

Must have hurt this one.

Spot the impostor!

Always this one guy.

Instant Ragrets*



Well, now that is something, literally, because we don’t know what else to call it.