Meet Akshar Pathak, the hilarious man behind viral Zomato creatives

Mohammad Kanchwala
Dec 01, 2017 13:47 IST
Akshar Pathak

Sooooo, there was obviously a lot of hue and cry about the Zomato OOH campaigns that used abbreviations of some reactionary cuss words that are deeply embedded in the Indian psyche. Now meet the man who created them - Akshar Pathak, the not your average creative guy.

Now, functioning within the confines of a brand brief is both tricky and restrictive, but the man made it work and regardless of the way it polarized the social junta, and the side of it you landed on, it did achieve it’s primary objective : being VIRAL. Akshar Pathak, when fully allowed to express his inner jester, has the ability to make you gawk at how funny he is, and obviously that has earned him 1.36mn Twitter followers.

Hey I told you he’s not your average creative guy.

Did you find this cheap? Very cheap?

Or did you think Zomato was killing it, and this was, in all fairness, neat?

Not merely armed with a keen eye for the aesthetic, the man is hilarious and witty and consistent, mind you. Even I come up with the occasional rib tickler but that’s like twice in a year, so, I understand how huge a deal it is. Puns, wisecracks, memes, one liners, comebacks. You name it and he’s probably done it.

Check out some of the funniest Akshar Pathak Tweets that had me leaning back in my chair and grinning at the screen.

1. East or West, Bombay is the best.

2. Isn't every Delhiite a Shankar Mahadevan now?

3. Do it. Tomorrow we will regret it.

4. Same

5. Can you Nath?

6. 'Panj lakh da haiga' 

7. Things that create serial killers

8. Ask your charsi friends. 

9. Sounds like an Ashutosh Gowariker movie script!

10. I can't. I literally imagined this.

11. Mandatory Twitter 280 characters joke is mandatory.

12. Mandatory bad pun that destroys friendships!

13. Le lo, le lo.

14. Iss cheez pe nahi bolneka!

15. Legit

Told ya he's hilarious. Do yourself a favour and follow him on all social media platforms. You shall not be disappointed!

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