Perfection is boring but Alia Bhatt's Times 100 Impact Awards speech definitely isn't!

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Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt's Times 100 Impact Awards speech is heartwarmingly beautiful and genuine.

"I want to take this moment with y'all to celebrate my flaws along with my strengths." Alia Bhatt was recently honored for her powerful and successful performances in Hindi cinema at Times 100 Impact Awards. The actress was in Singapore to accept the award and while she looked stunning, it was not her look that had the audience's attention, t'was her speech.

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The actress talked about embracing her flaws along with her strengths emphasizing how it's these flaws that make you 'YOU.' She mentions that she might be terrible at spelling but knows what to say to someone who is vulnerable. And casually taking a dig at her general knowledge, she praised how hard she has worked to cultivate her emotional intelligence. And our favorite - "I have a tendency to be hard on myself with regard to my weight and my appearance, but I never say no to a french fry."

Alia took the opportunity to highlight how as an actor, she has been projecting perfection through her characters when it is the flaws that make them interesting. She wants to make sure that if she leaves an impact on her audience and generations to come it should be as a human with all her flaws. Because 'Perfection is boring.'

Watch Alia Bhatt embrace her flaws -

We love a person who embraces their flaws and yes, we won't say no to a french fry either!

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