Check out YouTuber Allen Pan’s mask shooting gun that helps one deal with people not wearing a mask in public.

The definition of enemy has changed in 2020. The only person we all hate collective is the ones who do not wear masks. Masks are one accessory that has become a necessity. No one is and should be allowed to walk out of their house without wearing one. The times have changed so much that the one wearing all the gears are nothing less than a Superhero protecting themselves and the people around them.

There is nothing more triggering when each time we step out and see someone not wearing a mask. Considering how important it is, YouTuber Allen Pan has discovered a mask shooting gun. Allen Pan is a YouTuber who is a popular face from Mythbusters created the gun that shoots a mask directly onto a person’s face.

He created the same by using the pistol-style grip from a spray paint can, a CO2 canister’s solenoid valve and parts from a car’s brake line to construct his launcher. After the mask is fired, bola weights wrap around the target’s head. Although it’s real-life practical use can be obstructed by wind or other reasons, as tested by him after testing it at home, we are all Stan for this new invention. He shared the video of his testing on his YouTube channel.

Check out Allen Pan’s mask shooting gun:

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