Check out how Aman Gupta turned into a creator thanks to all the videos our creators created with him at Global MemeCon.

Shark Tank was one show that became an instant hit among Indian audiences with its unique format. It was not just the products and new entrepreneurs that became a familiar face in Indian households but also the Sharks themselves. Every Shark managed to get to the people with just one dialogue becoming a popular meme. Aman Gupta and his dialogue were ones that became a part of the trending memes online. His “Haan main de dunga, tu tension mat le” found its way into our social media feeds.

There hasn’t been a day when we didn’t find ourselves using the same in our everyday conversations. Aman has proven himself as a businessman but recently with his memes becoming a thing, he became our favorite social media star too. The entrepreneur was present at the Global MemeCon in Mumbai. While he talked and shared his insights on the rising online meme content, he also turned into a creator himself by the end of the day. When Aman Gupta was asked to create videos and follow trends for Instagram, he said, “Main bana lunga, tu tension mat le” and created a bunch of videos with his fellow creators.

Check it out!

Which is your favorite collab and who else would you like to see him collab with?

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