Amazon miniTV drops the trailer of its upcoming mini-movie starring Shreya Chaudhry and Mrinal Dutt - Conditions Apply

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Amazon miniTV drops the trailer of its upcoming mini-movie starring Shreya Chaudhry and Mrinal Dutt - Conditions Apply

Conditions Apply: Shreya Chaudhry and Mrinal Dutt step forward to rebuild their broken relationship in the upcoming short film

Conditions apply is all set to release on September 22 as part of Amazon miniTV’s one of a kind ‘Mini Movie Festival’. This engaging trailer gives a sneak-peek into a crucial point in Nayantara and Rahil’s relationship and evokes the question ‘Do conditions apply in relationships?’ and their attempts to save theirs.The trailer takes viewers through the journey of Nayantara (Shreya Chaudhry) and Rahil (Mrinal Dutt), who decide to go to a Couples' Retreat Therapy to heal their broken relationship. Broken trust, lack of passion, and the added challenges of a long-distance relationship push the couple towards taking this desperate call. Will this couple’s quest for happiness help them overcome the problems they face and lead a healthy relationship? Or will they accept their bond to be too broken to repair? Only time will tell.

Short films have a certain uniqueness about them, to tell a story in a limited time, I personally find that extremely intriguing. With Conditions Apply, it was a yes from the get-go. Working with Sikhya Entertainment and incredibly talented director also a friend Puja Banerji was very full filling. Also, to add to that the uniqueness of the story and just the relatability that it brings, is something that got me in and hooked. Extremely excited for its release at the Amazon miniTV’s Mini Movie Festival. I am curious and looking forward at the same time to how the audiences will perceive it, I am pretty sure they will love it!” said Mrinal Dutt. “As an actor, I’ve always been in awe of the compelling stories that Guneet Monga and Sikhya produce, hoping one day to work on a project that would strike a chord with the audience. Conditions Apply is one such film that will resonate with every single person out there who is nursing a broken heart.

Through Amazon miniTV’s Mini Movie Festival, this heartwarming story has found the perfect launchpad to reach the masses, and I feel sincerely thankful for that!” said, Shreya Chaudhry.Conditions Apply is created by Sikhya Entertainment, written by Puja Banerji and Aarti Yadav, and directed by Puja Banerji. The short film will premiere on September 22 on Amazon miniTV for free within the Amazon Shopping App and on Fire TV.

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Watch the trailer here!

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