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The Boys recap

Currently playing 'The Boys Are Back in Town' song by Thin Lizzy. Before the amazon original drops on Friday 3rd June, here's a small The Boys recap.

It is three days until we watch our favourite boys even it out with the supes. The Boys has been one of those shows that proved the theory that one should never meet your heroes. The show took the whole concept of taking it too far in an amazing way. It turned the superhero scenario making these individuals with superpowers assholes rather than a force of good. Show creator Eric Kripke has been going full-on diabolical and we cannot wait and know that we will get to witness double the madness as he will be introducing new characters, tons of Tarantino blood, and more exploding bodies. As we wait for the new season to arrive on Friday, here's a small The Boys recap of the first two seasons.

We saw Butcher and his plans to take down Homelander the leader of the Seven, Hughie struggling to keep up with the trauma of knowing the truth about the supes and the big bad organization Vought churning supes every year for everything other than to do anything well. Ever since the trailer for the third season dropped fans have been waiting to know how the story of these characters will turn out and we can't wait for it too. We did a small The Boys recap list for you to brush before the 3rd season.

Here's The Boys recap:

Season 1

The creators didn't want us to wait to witness the madness as it starts off with A-Train running through poor little Hughie's girlfriend. Like literally 'through' her. Giving him a reason to hate on the supes. This was also the reason he became acquitted with Billy Butcher and ended up becoming the reason for the invisible superhero and member of the Seven, Translucent's death.


We are introduced to the star superhero Homelander in the most American and superhero way possible only for us to realise that he is actually Superman gone dark side. It is then that we get a glimpse of why The Boys are not superhero fans. The plane crash scene was another that shows the villainous side of Homelander. We are also introduced to Maeve's relationship who pushes her girlfriend in fear of the leader of the seven.


Another member of the Seven, The Deep faces sexual assault charges from the team's new member and fellow superhero Starlight. He is forced to stay away from the team which leads to him losing all the superhero love from his fans.


In other news we have A-Train who we come to learn is somehow addicted to Compound-V and takes an extensive amount before his marathon with Shockwave (another person who can run faster). We are introduced to Kimiko aka The Female, who also happens to have superhero powers but is not part of the Vought superheroes.

We understand that the supes are actually created by the compound V and that Homelander sends it across the world to create more super terrorists for them to fight. In the attempt to reveal this to the world, Starlight joins the Boys and has to fight A-Train who ends up injured in the process. But she tries to save his life either way. And the Boys end up becoming an ultimate target for the supes and going into hiding.


The season ends with Butcher ending up separating from his team and trying to kill Homelander himself, but of course things don't go as planned and it is revealed that Homelander has a son with Billy Butcher's wife


Season 2

The Boys are being hunted and are in hiding. But Starlight is working with the boys while continuing to be a major part of the Seven. She and Hughie find ways to meet up and reveal the Vought's secrets to the world. Meanwhile, The Deep who was sent away because of sexual assault charges is on a retreat and has apparently joined a cult - The Church of the Collective.


We are introduced to two main characters in this season. We finally get more of Vought CEO Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) in this season. The character is exactly like in the comics, ruthless. The other character is Stormfront who soon rose in popularity among the people much to Homelander's dislike.


In order to keep himself and his boys out of prison, Butcher makes a deal to bring a supe only to later realize that it is actually Kimiko's brother. But the brother ends up dying at the hands of Stormfront, who spoiler alert is not the good supe she wanted the world to believe she is.

Homelander and Stormfront get into a relationship and become the 'power couple,' like literally. But after digging into her past we get to know that Stormfront is actually a Nazi. But like a sweet sweet revenge, the girls get it done and kick the bazzuka out of her and then end up being killed by Homelander's son.


It is not just a Nazi superhero who was part of this season, there were also A LOT of mysterious head exploding that happened over the episodes. A bunch of heads explode during a congressional hearing led by vocal Vought opponent Congresswoman Neuman. But by the Season 2 finale, it is revealed that she has powers too and that she is responsible for these attacks.


With a bunch of new superheroes and a tease at Billy getting powers, we cannot wait to see how Neuman's plans work out in the next season. The Boys season 3 is slated to start streaming on Amazon Prime Video on June 3.

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