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It's never a dull day when you are watching videos by Angry Prash. So, watch some of our favourites videos of the creator to celebrate his birthday.

There is no doubt that we as individuals who are constantly surrounded by technology find solace in 15-second videos that we can scroll through all day long. But we can all agree that the magic of long-form YouTube videos will never fade. The immense pleasure that we find in watching creators sharing stories in a well-scripted 5 to 10 minute video makes for the perfect lounge we need after a busy day. Creators like Angry Prash should be credited for making us fall in love with them and for making us believe that these videos haven't lost their charm.

Prashant aka Angry Prash, a popular YouTuber, who no one has seen before, is known for his funny content online. With 6.56 million subscribers on his channel, Prashant has been entertaining people online with the content that he has to share. One thing that makes his content different is that he has managed to share them in his own unique animated comics way and people love that about him. His videos are usually a comedian's representation of what certain real life situations look like. From assuming what it would be like if Instagram was an Indian government office in one of his latest videos to him taking us back to what parents teachers' meetings were like, there are times when we have all laughed in unison at how close to home his videos hit. But it's not just his mysterious face and funny interpretations that the 'Angry Army' loves but his music too. He is one of the few YouTubers who has ventured into creating his own music and has succeeded at the same.

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As we celebrate his birthday today, we listed down some of his fan favourite videos that we cannot have enough of!

We can't miss out on his music videos that was an absolutely banger. With these songs he gave fans another reason to love and indulge in the stories he has to share. It opened up a new array of creativity on his part that fans could enjoy.

Happy Birthday, Prash!

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