One of India’s top YouTube content creators, Angry Prash talks to us about all things social media!

Prashant aka Angry Prash is one of the most entertaining content creators in Indian right now. With over 3.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he manages to leave his viewers entertained with every piece of content he shares. While fans love and appreciate his, no one truly knows who Angry Prash is, all thanks to the animatic headgear he sports. When asked about his journey during an interview, the content creator shared,
At first, I started some YouTube channels at the beginning of 2016, those channels were about Automotive design tutorial, Smartphone technology, Gaming, all of the channels didn’t perform well for next one year. At the beginning of 2017, I decided to start a comedy channel, I didn’t have proper resources at that time for recording videos. Also, I was not a professional animator; I decided to make an animation video with the help of MS Paint. After a month people started liking my video and the journey began.

The journey that began back in 2017 has only grown since and made his fan-following multiply over the short duration of 2 years. We recently caught up with Angry Prash at #MakerMela where was a part of a panel discussion that included other content creators namely Ashish Chanchlani, Rickshawali, The RawKnee and Slayy Point. During the panel discussion, Angry Prash and others discussed the different content platforms and formats which were taking over the digital space and changing the level of content altogether.

We also got the opportunity to talk about all things social with Angry Prash and here’s how it went:

Here are some of our favourite Angry Prash videos. Take a look:

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