Check out the latest rap music video by YouTube star Angry Prash featuring creator Nagma Mirajkar titled Rap Ka Baap.

Rap in India is receiving growing fan following and love. The rap industry in India has seen a number of new talents with people loving all these original Hindi raps. While there are many young, fresh talents, we also have seen a number of creators showing off their rapping skills on the internet. The latest rap video that is in talks belongs to YouTuber Angry Prash with his latest rap single Rap Ka Baap.

Prashant aka Angry Prash is a popular YouTuber who is known for his funny content online as well as for maintaining the mystery behind his face with his face mask. With 3.1 million subscribers on his channel, Angry Prash is keeping people entertained online. He has also posted his own singing and rapping videos on his channel apart from animated comic videos. His released his latest rap video on Sunday and it has been receiving love from the followers.

Rap Ka Baap is a Hindi rap song that features creator Nagma Mirajkar along with him. Nagma is one of India’s top content creators with nearly 3 million followers on Instagram. Angry Prash and Nagma Mirajkar are both managed by NOFILTR Group, India’s first influencer incubator. The lyrics are written by Angry Prash while the music is given by MIXLA.

Speaking about the song, Angry Prash said“My previous songs have been serious ones. But this time, I wanted to create something fun and entertaining. That’s when I decided to write a song on a rapper and his struggles. After I was done writing the song, I started searching for the female lead and couldn’t think of anyone better suited for it than Nagma who is a dear friend and an outstanding content creator. Just like my previous tracks, I hope my Angry Army will shower the same love on this rap as well. I aim to continue to provide my fans with the best I can. After all, everything I am today, I owe it to my Angry Army.”

Check out the video here:

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