Written and Directed by Ankush Bahunga, Edited by Shoiab Ahmed, Almost, is a short film featuring Content Creators Ankush Bahuguna and Shibani Bedi which will take you on an emotional walk down memory lane.

The entertaining and hilarious Digital Creator duo has tried something new and different from their usual genre. Taking an emotional road and coming up with a hard-hitting 6-minute-long short film, Ankush Bahuguna and Shibani Bedi have left their fans impressed yet again. Almost talks about breaking-up in the virtual age without having to meet for the last time or saying goodbye in person.

We know how our favourite Content Creators have been working hard during the lockdown to revamp their content accordingly and to come up with something entertaining, helpful and hilarious every time. While these creators are usually coming up with funny videos, the duo experimented with a serious topic this time around. It’s good to see them coming up with a relatable short film that has been receiving a positive response from all their fans, followers and other Content Creators!

“My latest passion project that I’ve been working on. Anyone who has ever dated someone for a long time and then broken up would relate with this. Heartbreaks are real and this is my take on it. And I bet you haven’t ever seen Shibani Bedi and me like this. FYI, we shot this in exactly 11 minutes over a phone call. All of what you see is us being in that moment.” wrote Ankush Bahuguna on YouTube.

The background score complements the movie in a very soothing and befitting manner. The simple colour-corrected screen recording sets the mood right for the touching video. With the apt projection of love, reassurances and the sadness of losing a long-term partner, the team has effortlessly created something the viewers can relate with.

Check out the audiences’ reaction:

Watch the short film Almost here: 

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