Annoying things about family vacations that none of us are fans of

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Travelling is love, Travelling is life! But wait, what is travelling with desi parents like? Do you too, experience these things on family vacations?

While we all miss travelling solo, with friends and work buddies, I doubt if there is anyone who is missing family vacations too much right now. As much as we love our parents, travelling with them can be a task at times. Waking up early and visiting relatives even on a vacation should be banned immediately because that is a getaway we long for from all the unwanted guests, troubles and office work.

I am sure you'll agree when we say, family vacations are just families fighting at different and serene locations! Nevertheless, these bitter-sweet moments make our travel memories even more fond and cherishable. And no matter how much we dread family trips, we know that we are lowkey hoping for one RN!

Thanks to lockdown, I can happily skip family trips now. Check some relatable moments here:

Not being able to drink booze anytime, anywhere and in any quantity!

Getting lost because our parents refuse to listen to google maps even though they don't know the directions.

Stopping for tea and washroom breaks every 2 hours.

Moms clicking pictures of literally everything.

Listening to our father whine about the road traffic in the country

Having to visit distant relatives in the middle of exploring beautiful cities and towns

Being that secretly non-vegetarian kid who cannot savour the delicious non-veg food on vacations

Waking up early and following the itinerary as if its a school trip!

Listening to old songs on repeat

Missing out on some amazing clubs and nightlife

Fighting for the front seat and losing to the elder sibling

Parents waking us up super-extra-early because "what if we get traffic or the car breaks down or the world ends?!"

Singing embarrassing karaoke songs in front of strangers

Being forced for family photos and wearing similar outfits

Coming back with no insta-worthy travel photos because of desi parents' exceptional photography skills

All these things made you cringe at first and then left you with a smile, didn't they?


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