If there is one word for the phrase ‘sometimes the people you love are also the people that annoy you the most’, it would be ‘sisters’. Yes, they know exactly which buttons to push at what time to get on your absolute last nerve, don’t they?

It’s Sisters Day today, and whether you’re an elder sister or younger, one thing that is common is that you love annoying her! There’s a certain guilty pleasure we derive from it. The way her face slowly starts turning red, the way it looks like the vein on her forehead would pop any minute, and the way the fact that you’re laughing triggers her even more –yeah, every cuss word thrown at you is worth it just for that reaction.

Here just a few of the million annoying things sisters do:

She’s the incessant reminder of the fact that ‘you’re adopted’; would you let it go already?!

Always. ALWAYS stealing your clothes!

She runs to mom to rat you out on the smallest of things and then you have to offer a bribe to get her to shut up!

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She ‘accidentally’ blurts out your most embarrassing moments in front of family and friends.

The minute you start thinking, ‘oh, I look good today’, she will appear out of nowhere to shoot you down and remind you that you look just as much of a potato as you did yesterday. Smh.

Mysteriously, all your stuff keeps ‘getting lost’ just when you need it…

She would not let your childhood nickname die until her very last breath. She’s probably planning to print it on your wedding invitations.

When the elder ones always act like you’re a kiddo and don’t know anything about the world; I’m an adult now, when will you see it?!

Everything is a competition! Who takes the shower first? Who’s gonna get a better dress? Relax, will you?

When she makes fun of almost everything that you like; you can never just catch a break!

Did you roll your eyes at literally each one of these? Then yes, you have an annoying sister. But you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you? She might irritate you the most but you know she’s the cushion that you can always fall back on. She’ll always have your back no matter what. She might pick on you all day but even if one outsider says anything about you, they’re gonna face her wrath!

Show your sisters how much you love them for once today, on Sisters Day. Then you can go back to being your usual, frustrating selves again!