6 Things Our Annoying Twitter Influencer Friends Do

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6 Things Our Annoying Twitter Influencer Friends Do

Isn't it annoying when someone tells you to do something even if you don't want to do it? Well meet one such category of friends - "Twitter Influencers. (Whether they are really an "influencer" is a different matter)

In order to get their brands trending, they tell you to do a lot of things. Here is a list of a few things which our annoying influencer Twitter friends ask us to do:

Ask to RT the tweets that they do to pimp their brands. 

Well one of the best ways to get your brand trending is by getting as many RT as you can. They ping you with the tweet URLs on Gtalk, Facebook chat or even send DM’s. Each time you have to oblige whether you like it or not. We are in the same network and circle after all.

Invite you to the brand parties that they are going to host.

Inviting you to an event just to show how big their network is. They will present it to you as if it’s “their” party even though its organised by the brand. But alas...we end up going to the party only to give fake smiles and air kisses to all the Page 3 twitter influencers there.  

Ask help in getting the hashtag to trend.

As their KPI, the hashtag should trend. It will not unless multiple people are tweeting about it at the same time. So they ask you to tweet with the hashtag multiple times; whether you follow or like the brand is of course completely not of any concern. 


Give your number and email address to annoying agencies who then call or send briefs like

Campaign name: #GetALife 

To do: 5 Tweet using #GetALife, 3 RT’s of the brand handles tweets.  

Gratification: INR 500 Flipkart/Bookmyshow/Anything voucher 

Would you be interested?


Tag you when irrelevant Twitter fights are happening.

When the usual bitching, back biting of the world is happening on the timeline, your influencer friend will tag you and expect you take his/her side in the random debate. What opinion you hold of them is a matter of discussion for another time. In this particular tagging, you have to step in and save the day for them. 


Ask you to RT tweets of the cause they support.

No I don’t like cats, I most certainly don’t give a damn about the elephant who is almost going to die. . When they tag you in tweets like these, you have to RT them and show that you love and care, knowing well enough that the RT will not have any impact on the actual cause. Sigh! 


Invite you to random Twitter chats.

They send you public requests to join a twitter chat because a brand is paying them for it. People at times have no idea on what the chat is all about.  Also they tag 5 other people in that tweet. Everybody starts responding and before you know your mentions tab has flooded.

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