If you’re looking for ways to style baggy jeans then check out some of these ideas by Indian fashion influencer and fellow denim lover, Anushka Hazra.

There’s a set of comfy and trendy clothes that always attract us. No matter what our style is, everyone owns a pair of jeans that go with anything and everything. You can never go wrong with how you style them and can always alter them according to the latest trends. From flattering flares to comfy mom jeans – we love it all! Among all these different kinds of denim, baggy jeans have become everyone’s favourite. The fact that they’re the perfect fit that radiates both style and comfort makes it even more special. We may own just one pair of those but we keep trying to find ways in which we can style them differently. Even though it may sound like a task, there are various simple and easy ways to style baggy jeans. The one that goes with the whole Y2K style, one that you can wear to college and even on dates with your friends.

Indian fashion blogger and Trell creator, Anushka Hazra shares 5 tips on how one can style baggy jeans and make them look different each time.


A universal fashion tip that every enthusiast probably swears by suggests that if you’re wearing something loose on top, go for something fitted for the bottoms, and vice versa. On similar lines, one of the easiest ways to rock an anti-fit silhouette is to pair it up with something fitted on top. Bodysuits in this regard are the perfect item to opt for. You can also throw on a summer shirt on top for some added edge.

Racerback Tanks

The Gen-Z cannot seem to get enough of racerback tanks and it’s undoubtedly one of the most candid options to pair your baggy denim with. To add a greater 90’s touch, you may also consider donning a bucket hat and some beaded jewellery.

Solid Tees

If you want to rock a pair of baggy jeans with the least amount of effort, solid, statement or even graphic tees might just be your BFF. You can either wear it tucked loose or even crop it up by tucking it into your sports bra. Accessorise with statement pieces and you’re done!

Midriff Floss

The 90’s nostalgia is incomplete without stressing upon yet another trend of the season: baring the midriff and accentuating it with wrap ties. When paired with baggy jeans, midriff flossing looks the best, thanks to the contrast and edge created. With a combo like this, you are sure to ace the y2k madness.

Scarf Tops 

The next time you sport your favourite pair of baggy jeans but cannot figure what to wear it with, just take put a scarf from your wardrobe and drape it into your very own scarf-top. The structured silhouette of a scarf top beautifully compliments the fluid silhouette of baggy denim. If you’re feeling experimental, you might as well use a dupatta in place of a scarf.

Hope these ideas help you the next time you want to style your denim! Follow her on Trell to find more such inspirations.

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