The Apple Watch enables one to monitor flu-like Coronavirus symptoms

Geetika Sachdev
New Update
Apple watch

While it is no replacements to any medical test, the latest of the Cardiogram app on your Apple Watch can help you monitor flu-like or Coronavirus symptoms in your body.

The Coronavirus has taken over the world, and with cases breaking out every day, everyone is equally concerned. While the testing facilities have been amped up across the globe, what if we told you that checking flu-like Coronavirus symptoms is possible right at home? Yes, with the help of the Apple Watch!

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 We already know the wonders of this watch - it can help track your fitness levels and heart rate, and can also monitor your sleep cycle. What’s more, you can also use it to stream music or communicate even if your phone is away. There’s a new update that the watch will be able to tell you if you show symptoms of flu or coronavirus.

The Cardiogram app for the Apple Watch can give you details about your heart rate, and has graphs to show its functioning. It has a new update that monitors your body's response to symptoms of flu and coronavirus. While it cannot detect the virus, it can certainly help to monitor your sleeping heart rate. In case you are suffering from any symptoms of flu, it can compare the data with your resting heart rate. This can help you become more aware of your body!

An important point to remember is this is no replacement for medical tests. It simply helps you become more aware of whether your body is experiencing flu-like symptoms for you to take the necessary steps.

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