A R Rahman gives the ultimate advice on how to beat boredom

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A R Rahman gives the ultimate advice on how to beat boredom

In his recent interview with IANS, A R Rahman gave the ultimate advice on how people can beat boredom.

A R Rahman is a name in the world that has created its own identity. Music is his passion and everything in his life is music. In a recent interaction with IANS, he said, "As humans, after a while, even the best thing becomes boring. In any event of life, that boredom is a human quality. The only way to fight it is reinvention, to do something." 

A R Rahman further added, "There's an old saying which goes something like this: 'If you do something very well with your right hand, then you should try it with your left hand as well'. So, get out of your comfort zone and muscle memory to find new muscle memories, find something new through that process."

In relation to his work, he told IANS: "Even now, it's not like I go and sit on my chair and magic happens. I keep challenging myself because after a while, the magic fades and the brain becomes numb." I think when we're done with something, we always tend to move away from it," he explained.

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