Does every day give you Monday blues? Do you feel you could be someplace better? Are you constantly under tension and stressed out?

If yes, it is time to change your job! Its wisely said “Nothing is worth if you are not happy”

There could be numerous reasons for your frustration in your current workplace and to be fair, Twitteratis share the same fair share of problems as you do :

Off base Profession – Just because certain jobs are believed to obtain you a 6-digit salary, you often choose that. In the longer run, these off-base jobs make you morose. Every day is a struggle when you don’t love what you do. It’s necessary to find out what you enjoy and thrives to attain it. It may be something unconventional but if it contents you it’s the right option for you.

You Detest the People – Conflicts are common in a workplace. Often these conflicts get solved but leave a scar behind. This leads to an indolent work environment. Also, some conflicts are not fixable thus straining the fruitfulness of the output.  This is one of the top reasons people loathe their work and are not fruitful.

You Dislike the Company – You may disagree with the company’s policy or work ethics. You may experience cultural differences or unlikeliness towards the working environment. Your ideas not getting the stamp of approval or biasedness in your employer’s behavior can be an unavoidable issue too. Being underpaid or overworked may also be a reason for your disappointment. Such reasons often lead to an exceeding dislike for the company.

Health is Wealth – Your health might be deteriorating due to excessive working hours. You may often fall sick due to the stress encounters. Mental health is an equivalently important matter of concern. You may not be mentally jovial due to lack of family hours or personal recreational time. Not gaining new skills and experience is also a reason for mental dissatisfaction. You can look out for hourly paid or part-time jobs, which will give you abundant time with family and pay you for your skills.

Harassment – You should keep an eye out if you’re undergoing sexual harassment, verbal abuse or other egregious behavior. There is no explanation or justification for such acts. You should take the necessary steps if you are a victim of any kind of abuse. Reporting to authorities is necessary and a complaint should be lodged.

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Appreciation of your Skills – Your skills not being tapped can give you set back. You may have more to offer than awarded. Your boss may sit you out from key meetings or give you work which is below your ability. Looking out for jobs where your skills are acknowledged and you are rewarded for them will lead to work bliss. Finding jobs where you can specialize your skill set further and where you are best fitted will help.

Remember it is never too late to chase professional bliss. If we have missed out on any points, we are all ears!