Arthur Christmas on Netflix is a unique Christmas story that's perfect for the holidays!

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Arthur Christmas

Bored of the same old Christmas tales? Then Arthur Christmas is that futuristic Christmas movie for you this holiday season to bring you all magic!

Who is Santa Claus? Is he the same person from the start or does Santa Claus keep changing? If he lives at the North Pole, how does he travel all over the world in one night to deliver presents? If he has such a big belly how does he climb down chimneys? Does he really fly? I bet we've all had these questions even when we know that Santa Claus isn't real. But just because he's just existing in stories and is shrouded in mystery, does it really mean he's not real? Well, who knows! Honestly, we're okay with not knowing when such a mystery is the source of so many good stories. Netflix answers all of this with a futuristic, tech-savvy film, Arthur Christmas that doesn't leave the hands of its past and talks about the real essence of Santa - that it's not about the person instead it's about the feeling!

The movie starts with a lot of doubts about Santa but with a firm belief in him. And in a quick army style, the state-of-the-art gift-dropping mission is executed throughout the world with Santa Claus, his two sons, and ninja-style elves. And as the spaceship returns to the North Pole, they get to know that one child, Gwen is left out. Arthur, the youngest and clumsiest son of Santa, who is considered a nobody cannot bear this and with his granddad, he goes on a mission on the classic sled with eight reindeer and an elf to deliver Gwen's gift. In the process, he learns and realizes something for himself too.

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Winter holidays are the perfect time for reminding the world of goodness, and kindness, being united as a family, and more importantly igniting that holiday spirit. This film exactly focuses on that as it bases the story on Santa Claus' family and how they work hard to spread the magic around. There is a tussle between the old and the new, and the powerful seat of Santa. It teaches a lesson about how change is pertinent with time though it is important to know your roots to be able to navigate the future, and it's not only the new technology that will do wonders but also finding the right balance between the old and the new. But the best lesson is that this film proves that faith can move mountains.

Arthur Christmas offers brilliant visuals, a well-developed story, and clever humor that's sophisticated but equally entertaining for adults and children. A stunning British cast gives their voice to characters like James Mcvoy, Hugh Laurie, Billy Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Jim Broadbent, and more. But more than that the elves, who are working in the control room, or the ninja-style soldiers in the field, are the cutest things you have ever seen! It's made by the English studio which is responsible for films like Wallace & GromitChicken Run, and Flushed Away.

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