Follow these doodle artists and illustrators for some artistic inspiration, hope, and positivity. They might be the ray of hope you were waiting for. 

Given that we’re fighting a battle against Covid-19 for over a year now, it feels like we are stuck in a time where some positivity and hope is the need of the hour. It is undoubtedly a tough time for India, a lot of us are feeling stressed and anxious, and following these illustrations might become the channel of some much-needed positivity right now.

Art is something that can cheer you up in a jiffy whether it is music, drawing, painting, dance, and singing. In the end, it all boils down to making us happy. Nothing can beat the vibe of a good artwork or a song that reflects our thoughts, right? Which is what makes doodles and illustrations so soothing, both for the artist as well as for the person chancing upon it.

We love how awe-inspiring content we get to see, that melts our heart and will help us feel less alone. The posts from these illustrators are food for thought for us and we should pause, introspect and act responsibly. If you aren’t following them, now’s the time to bring some hope and subtle humor back to your Instagram feed. 

Their amusing and delightful puns will leave you amazed and you’ll be shocked by how much you can relate to them. Check out some of their brilliant artwork. 

Do tell us in the comments about the accounts you have followed and appreciated. If you have any suggestions to add to the list please write to

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