As Bees in Honey Drown is a fun commentary on fame and its vices

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Anahita Uberoi's 'As Bees in Honey Drown' is a fun commentary on fame and its vices

Originally a satirical comedy by Douglas Carter Beane, the play has been adapted into the Indian version by Akarsh Khurana and directed by Anahita Uberoi.

When one thinks of Bollywood, one thinks of fame since Bollywood and fame go hand in hand. To make it big in such an exclusive industry, which has often been accused of nepotism, one requires access to those who can help them climb the ladder. A significant requirement to become successful in the industry is to have the right connections and contacts and these don't come easy; you have to belong. It can be a heavy struggle for 'outsiders'. A critique of this obscure system forms the crux of Aadyam Theatre's 'As Bees In Honey Drown.'

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The play revolves around a budding writer, Dhruv Gandhi (Aditya Rawal). After his first book, he is noticed by film agent and record producer Alexa DeVitre (Shikha Talsania), who asks him to write a script based on her life. Bedazzled by Alexa's fame, riches, and contacts in the industry, Dhruv follows her lead and despite being homosexual, falls in love with her. However, blinded by her fame and love, Dhruv forgets just how fairly common deceit is. What follows is a journey of revelation for Dhruv, about Alexa as well as himself, and a witty play for the audience.

The play's strength certainly lies in its actors. Rawal, with his capability to go from gentle to screaming, and Talsania, with her bold voice and even bolder acting, keep you hooked. The supporting actors are no less; Ashwin Mushran, Tavish Bhattacharya, Chakori Dwivedi, and Meher Acharia Dar are cast in multiple roles aptly. Dwivedi's confidence and comic timing, and Bhattacharya's subtle demeanour are especially impressive.

The play can sometimes get awkward with its stereotypical portrayal of Shabana, a Muslim woman with a caricature-like vocabulary. The gaze on Dhruv's sexuality left me confused too. However, the play wins with its commentary on the fickle world of fame and the hollowness of elites constantly using money to be more than their personalities. Like honey, fame can be sweet, but it can also drown those who create it. Overall, As Bees in Honey Drown is a fast-paced and fun watch, especially for those who love theatre.

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