Fans are all psyched-up as Indian stand-up comedian and writer Ashish Shakya is all set to create some laughs with his first stand-up special ‘Life is Good’.

Stand-up comedian, TV writer, humour columnist, writer and actor, Ashish Shakya is all set to take on the stand-up stage with his first special, ‘Life is Good’ on Amazon Prime Video. Ashish has been associated with a number of channels and is known for his weekly humour column in a leading daily, ‘The Blunder Years’. A former member of AIB, Ashish is all set to crack up the audience with his first stand-up special. He claims that although one’s life will not change after watching the special, one will surely have a good laugh.

In his latest interaction with us, Ashish Shakya shared everything about his new special and a lot more…

Can you tell us a little about your upcoming stand-up special, Life Is Good?
“It’s a mixed bag. It’s got everything from some personal stuff to some really stupid things as well. And I’ve enjoyed doing all that. It’s a fun section that talks about everything, something like how pointless is nostalgia to ageing to dating, from terrorists to like everything. So I’ve just, mixed it up, and had fun with it. When people watch it, they will know why I have titled it ‘Life is Good’. My intention is that when I am ready and I sit down to watch any platforms and when I see a thumbnail of a stand-up special, at the end of a long workday, I should be interested in watching it. I want to make content that I will make a person click on the thumbnail and watch the special.”

How was the whole experience of writing for your own stand-up?
“I mean I have always written for our team, but the challenge for the special was that there are two things, one is that comedy has grown so much in the last few years. There is so much new talent and they are so good. These comics have just upped their game. So when I went back on stage after a gap the bar that had been set is so high, that it was great fun rising to the challenge and doing material that can actually engage the audience. So, that’s a part where you realise that now you will have to work extra hard at your writing. Secondly, the fact that it was my special. Earlier when I was with the group, we did a lot of building as a group. But now that I am doing it alone you kind of slack off. Earlier if there was a job that you didn’t do well you knew the trick, there would be two other guys. But now you get a fear when it’s all on you.”

Life Is Good is all set to premiere soon, how are you feeling?
“I’m excited, nervous, terrified but it is all normal. There a lot of pressure I’m putting on myself. But when I think about it, I feel people will mostly like it. My core objective is that after they come from a long day of work, they enjoy it.”


Who is that one stand-up comedian who inspires you?
“I have met some legendary people that are a powerhouse of talent. Besides them, anybody who works harder than me is an inspiration.”

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We’ve seen many comedians get into trouble for jokes. Do you think people are too busy taking offence over everything?
“There’s always a very small number of people who take offence at something but when media reports, it will show 100% have taken offence but in reality are 1%. Most people enjoy it and those who don’t, quietly move on. And that’s how it should be. People take offence to movies, music, book. The number of people taking offence is a minority, Media does it because it is always fun to have a headline.”

Do you think comedians should run the country instead of politicians?
“I don’t think comedians should run anything except their careers, we need comedians to entertain. We need good people to run the country.”

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Lastly, what is your opinion on memes?
“Memes are wonderful. It’s a new language for the whole generation. For youngsters, it has way more impact. The speed at which it travels and conveys ideas is just incredible. Technology has allowed it to take place and it is very entertaining. I see only mainstream memes but I understand the other memes. It is nice how expression has changed online. First, it used to be articles, now videos, IG story or memes have replaced them.”

Ashish Shakya‘s first stand-up special with be live on Amazon Prime Videos on Feb 7th. How excited are you?