Take a look at a few of the ASMR videos that are very comforting and will satisfy your guilty pleasures.

We all have our own share of guilty pleasures. While for some it is eating a tub full of ice-cream in one go for others it might be watching videos of an alien invasion on YouTube. One rule that belongs to guilty pleasures is that there is no rule and that one can find pleasure in anything and everything. There are a number of things that people watch on YouTube and one among them are the ASMR videos. Come on, we can all agree, we end up watching them for hours even if we don’t want to. These videos are so satisfying and soothing that we can watch them on loop. There are a bunch of ASMR videos that give us the ultimate gratification for our ears. We have curated a list of such videos that will give you the most satisfying scroll ever.

Take a look at these ASMR videos:

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