Check out how desi peeps reacted to the viral Australian song Papadum. The song has crossed over 1.5 million views and has been called out for being racist.

Indian culture and people have been stereotyped in various popular western sitcoms and cartoons. Being brown and curry shamed is something every South Asian has witnessed in the past. Although things seem to have been changing over the years, things from the past are still questionable. Just like an Australian song that has resurfaced on the internet after 6 years. The Australian song Papadum was made in 2014 and has somehow caught the eyes of the people on the internet again.

The song was written by the Australian children’s music group, The Wiggles. While it is a song, it has no actual lyrics and only has them repeating Papadum. It is not a hidden fact of how much we Indians love our Papadum, but we don’t need a song for it. Also, it is also one of the million Indian things we love. The Australians thought it would be funny to have a saree clad Indian woman to dance along with them as they wear their Sherwani and hold on to Papadum. Desi peeps, however, found the song to be racist and has caused the writer, Anthony Field to apologise.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the song:

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