Avengers Endgame onset footages are here and we love them 3000!

Mansi Mirani
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Avengers Endgame

The most awaited movie of the MCU, Avengers Endgame finally released on April 26 and it was everything it promised to be. The #Don’tSpoilTheEndgame move by the Russo Brothers also worked brilliantly. It was perhaps the first time ever that the netizens didn’t spill their thoughts and ruin something for others.

But the wait is finally over! Russo Brothers had declared on 2nd May that the spoiler ban for Avengers Endgame will officially be lifted by the end of that week. As soon as the week ended, people flooded their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with spoilers and how they can’t stop crying about Iron Man’s death (which is justified, of course).

Although the most interesting bits were given to us by none other than Captain America, i.e., Chris Evans. It seemed as if he was just waiting for the moment he could post the onset footages and show his excitement! Check them out:

We want to see videos from others who broke the rules as well!

These just show how much fun these guys had onset and the chemistry clearly shows onscreen as well.


Robert Downey Jr. also has an abundance of them and they’re all so heartwarming!

That's how many people it took to create one masterpiece. 


It seems fitting that all the Avengers are singing for the Iron Man on the sets. Bittersweet though!

Doodling on your friends' faces never gets old!

I think we love them even more now (if that was even possible)! Also, can we all just collectively agree that Chris Hemsworth always has that cute bunny energy and is adorable to death?

Avengers Endgame was definitely one of the films that justified the whopping $2.2 billion that it earned. It is forever going to be in the fans’ hearts.

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