For all you Marvel Fans and soon to be Marvel Fans out there as we await for the greatest movie of all time. Social media is already going berserk with the trailer release and we don’t blame. Why wouldn’t they?

Well, we are not here to discuss the number of combined views that the trailer received, we are here to talk about something else, so before you got in for the movie this Friday or Saturday or Sunday. There are some fine details that you might’ve actually missed out on.

So, let’s begin:

Nostalgic feels hit in with Captain America, Iron man, and Thor’s journey:

Red’s the only color that is visible in that nostalgic vibe:

Peggy Carter’s voice had us in Tears:

Hawkeye’s alter ego Ronin made us SMILE:

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Hawkeye training his daughter:

P.S. Redditors have a theory that MCU might be combining Hawkeye’s daughter with the character of Kate Bishop. Let us know yours in the comment section

Scott Lang looks overwhelmed as he looks at Missing Posters:

Tony & Nebula are stuck in space and happen to return back to earth to defeat Thanos:

And for the final detail, we’ve THOR and CAPTAIN MARVEL bonding in their own way:

P.S. We humbly request you not add in any spoilers in comment section.