The glamorous return of the Oscars is as usual a hub for hilarious memes and the people on X did not disappoint!

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With its annual return, the Oscars had several highlights of the night and as usual, our Janta has been very vocal about their thoughts!

The Oscars made their much-anticipated return, generating excitement and acclaim. The spotlight shone brightly on the critically acclaimed 'Oppenheimer,' which clinched an impressive seven Academy Awards this year, winning Best Actor, Supporting Actor and Director, only to name a few. Guiding us through the evening was the charismatic host, Jimmy Kimmel, who successfully navigated the event without any unexpected slaps although many felt he did not live up to the prestige of the Oscars and had underperformed. Of course, our Janta had their opinions on all that happened on the night of the Oscars and it is hilarious. 

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